Psychoanalytic psychotherapy

This treatment method is based on the principles of psychoanalysis and aims to gradually adjust the personality traits and behaviors that lie at the root of life problems and major issues the analysand is struggling with, by delving into their inner world and increasing their self-awareness. As in any type of psychotherapy, here too the ultimate aim is to improve the mental and emotional well-being of the patient facing psychological difficulties either due to a specific problem or unidentified causes underlying her or his emotional issues or symptoms.

The therapeutic relationship that develops based on mutual trust, respect and honesty is the vehicle through which changes are achieved and the patient’s mental health improves. That is why it is crucial for the therapist and the analysand to establish a strong “therapeutic alliance”, which will support the usually long-lasting and at times strenuous course of treatment, during which the analyst and the patient are fellow travelers with their common destination being the patient’s mental and emotional health.

Sessions usually take place once or twice weekly and the treatment is typically open-ended, since this is a dynamic process during which the patient’s expectations evolve and change as the treatment progresses. Terminating the therapy is usually a joint decision once the patient feels good about himself and his life.