Family and Couples Therapy

The main subject of psychodynamic family or couples therapy is often a problem or an important decision a couple or a family has to make. In such cases, counseling focuses on a specific concern expressed by the couple, the entire family or one or more of its members. The therapist’s role is to explore the family dynamics and then offer some remarks and comments that will assist in understanding the problem and determining a way to proceed.

Counseling often reveals a need for further family or couples therapy that will delve deeper into specific relationships and problems. In such cases, regular therapy sessions are strongly recommended. It may also reveal personal issues that could be the subject of individual analysis, in which case the analyst may suggest individual treatment in addition to the family’s or couple’s therapy. This treatment is handled by a different therapist to ensure impartiality and avoid disrupting the balance the analyst has achieved by remaining equidistant from all family members.