About me

I first studied psychology in France and received a Maîtrise de Psychologie undergraduate degree and a D.E.S.S. de Psychologie Clinique et Pathologique graduate degree in clinical psychology and psychopathology from the University of Nice. I continued my studies in the UK and hold an M.A. degree in Psychoanalytic Studies from the University of Sheffield.  Currently, I’m pursuing a doctorate degree in Psychoanalysis and Psychopathology at the University Paris Diderot – Paris 7 in France.

I started my career in Greece as an intern and graduate researcher at a private psychiatric clinic in the suburb of Kifissia, Athens. During that time, I also volunteered my services at the municipal polyclinics of Kifissia and Agios Stefanos. In 2003, I launched my private practice providing psychoanalysis to adults, psychoanalytic psychotherapy to adolescents and adults, and psychodynamic counselling to couples and families. My expertise also includes psychological evaluations of adults based on Rorschach και ΤΑΤ projective psychological tests, perinatal counseling and therapy for couples facing problems or dilemmas regarding childbearing, medically assisted reproduction and adoption. As part of this, I consult with a public hospital’s IVF unit.

Moreover, I am an accredited Balint group leader for medical doctors and other health professionals. I am a member of the UK Balint Society and a leader/trainer of Hellenic Balint Groups and other international scientific organizations involved with psychosomatic medicine, perinatal mental health and assisted reproduction. I am also a member of the Hellenic Psychological Society and of its Clinical Psychology and Psychology of Health section.

My professional experience includes teaching undergraduate and graduate psychology and psychoanalysis courses at a private college and providing clinical supervision to psychologists and psychotherapists. I am also involved with clinical and theoretical training seminars for psychologists and other health professionals. I am the chief editor of Lapsus, an online psychology journal and regularly contribute scientific and general-reader articles to journals and periodicals.

I am licensed to practice in Greece and France and a member of the Quatrième Groupe – Organisation Psychanalytique de Langue Française.